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Everyone look at the beauty that is Kendall Conrad's home. One King's Lane featured the designer's home in their recent "At Home With..." post.

What do I love most? The white walls, the stunning stone floors, the pops of color found in the art on the walls, and the weathered wooden furniture pieces. Also - that kitchen alone is a room I could move into.

My most favorite thing Kendall expressed were describing her initial thoughts on the house :

           When I saw the house and garden I thought, ‘This is magical. I want little children running around playing with frogs by the creek and running around the fruit trees.’

Yes, Kendall.
I want that, too.
I really, really want that.

It doesn’t matter if it’s modern or traditional; it just has to be right for the space and mix well. I think good lines work together regardless of when they were made.

— Kendall Conrad