Our Casa on Park

First came love,
Then came Anna, 
Then came marriage,
Then came the Casa on Park.

The new year is very much here and with that come many reflections on 2015. So many milestones happened all in one year - its a little tough to wrap my head around it! 

Ben and I have come so far in our four months of marriage- namely on the renovation of our first home together. It's been an absolute labor of love (and time, and sweat, and emotional rants) but wholeheartedly gratifying and memorable in so many ways.

If you're searching far and wide for adulthood, renovate a home built in 1937 and I will welcome you into the club with open arms. Did it take three months longer than expected? Yes. Did it cost three times the original estimated expense? Yes. Did at least three different people warn me of these things? YES. Three seems to be the magic number here.

Oh, and also - is it finished? Nope!

BUT - has it been worth it? Absolutely. This is truly our home and I am so grateful for it. Ben has worked tirelessly on the yard and I have worked on the interior. We knew from the beginning we wanted to be hands on do-it-yourselfers so we took on a few projects along the way and left the rest to our contractor and his team - aka our temporary roommates. 

Let's start from the beginning:

This is the first time I laid eyes on her - through my car window. Glistening in the summer rain. A dear family member gave us the heads up about the new listing and because of the competitive market - we knew we had to move quickly.

A few days and phone calls later - we got inside to take a tour. Here she is in all her 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, no appliances glory. (Except for the rolling dishwasher. That rolls around. On wheels. RIP rolling dishwasher.)

Pros and cons of this little casita:


  • Well maintained wooden floors 
  • Good floor plan
  • Lovely backyard
  • Great neighborhood
  • So much potential


  • Swamp cooler (google it)
  • 1 bathroom :(
  • Seashell embedded floor in bathroom and sunroom - which makes so much sense, ya know? Seashells in the desert that is El Paso.
  • Zero appliances except for the beloved rolling dishwasher 
  • Limited storage
  • A fair amount of work needed

We put an offer on the house rather quickly and before we even knew what we had gotten ourselves into, the house was ours! (adulthood!!!) 

I remember bringing my grandmother over to see the house while we were still in negotiations. A few weeks later after we had officially closed, we were having dinner together and she said, "I am just glad you didn't get that grey house. It left so much to be desired, ya know?" ....Awkward.

More to come on the transformation of our little casa on Park.