Sarita Beth

My name is Sarah Beth Powers Shapleigh.

I am a maker and a homebody with a heart for Jesus and a desire to do many things. Not too long ago I married the love of my life and now, together, we are working to build our home in the furthest west corner of Texas - a little (but actually rather big) diamond in the desert called El Paso. We have a Golden pup named Anna who is the sweetest/weirdest little mama to grace our lives. 

The name 'Sarita' was a nickname my beloved father used to call me. It represents two meaningful things for me -  my treasured childhood and an homage to this unique Mexican border town I grew up in - both of which have strongly influenced the woman I am today. 

Sarita Beth was created from a simple desire to share who I am, what I love, what I do - and connect with you. While this blog may be a needle in a haystack, I promise I will try to offer you something different.