Our Wedding - Part II

Today marks 1 year since Ben and I tied the knot - and truly, time has flown. I go through these photos and my heart still beats heavily as I remember the feeling of that weekend. I had put so much time and energy into planning it, my whole heart and mind into it - yet it felt as though a switch was flipped the night of our rehearsal dinner and all of the sudden it was ok to just let the weekend be what it would be.

What came of those few days was nothing short of magical and will forever be the most amazing weekend of my life. Maybe it was the pizza and donuts the bridesmaids and I ate while getting ready for the ceremony or perhaps the AHmazing enchiladas at the rehearsal dinner but nonetheless -  it was in the details. My family and friends whom I love most were present, my mother's smile lit up the room, and the wonderful timing of the thunder during our ceremony was just a foreshadowing of the cooling rain that served as a backdrop during dinner.

In hindsight, it is so clear that no matter how much creating and planning I put into it - it was ultimately the Lord that orchestrated the flow and circumstances of the weekend. That's something I often share with future brides. Plan, envision, and create as much as your heart desires - it truly is so much fun. But just remember that beyond a certain point - there is a lot of peace in knowing that that weekend is ultimately in the hands of the Lord and it's ok to let it be.

I've mentioned before how much I believe in the unity of marriage - that it was created by God to serve as a representation of our relationship with Jesus here on earth. Its full of so many ups and downs and what I have come to repeat often - the 3 'Cs'. A WHOLE LOTTA communication, compromise, and compassion.

I love you Ben Shapleigh. 1 year of marriage with you is more than I could have ever imagined and what I came to realize this morning - it flies by. To many more!

Thank you to Matt & Tish for best wedding album and Floriography for the flowers and Amy for the coordination!!!

Our Wedding - Part I

Ben, my husband, left for Chicago this past Saturday to take part in a month-long study course to prepare him for a Medical Board exam in June...and I am truly, unashamedly missing him so much.

It's odd because due to my new job, I am usually the one leaving him for the span of a week every three weeks or so. I leave the home that we share, the dog that we love, and our daily routine. While away, I am typically so busy working that before I know it - I've arrived back on my doorstep and the cycle continues. 

This time, though - the tables have turned and I am experiencing what Ben always describes : a day to day emotional disruption in knowing that your spouse won't be physically present for any part of the day. Absence, in this case, certainly does make the heart grow fonder but also acutely aware of the bond you have formed in marriage.

I suspect that there are some eye-rolls in reading this. Surely I won't won't miss him every time we're apart and surely there will be and have been times when I covet my time alone for a few days - but I am grateful for this sense of longing I experience as it is evidence of what marriage truly is in God's eyes - becoming one with each other in every single way. Marriage is such a good, good thing.

With all that said - I wanted to share our wedding video with an intention to share further details and photographs from the most magical weekend I have known. I truly adore being married and particularly love remembering when it all started that one summer weekend in August.

(I am also really, really grateful to the team at 82/92 Productions for providing us the sweetest moments from those few days.)